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Innovation and Improvement of Home-made Fully Automatic Stamping Machine

Date of release:2018-11-30 Author:泰乐机械 Click:

Over the years, our company's passbook post-printing processing has been carried out with the combination of single machine and manual processing. When using the flat-pressing magnetic strip ironing machine, the worker must keep putting a passbook on the platform under the ironing head, and the cylinder pushes the ironing head up and down to complete the ironing work. This mode of production is noisy, the labor intensity of workers is high, and only one person can operate one machine, hot stamping speed is only more than 20 duplex copies per minute, the gap between the two copies is also large, which wastes magnetic strips.

In order to meet the needs of the development of the deposit book production scale, our company spent more than 100,000 yuan to purchase the automatic deposit book magnetic strip stamping machine of Shenzhen Kaijida Technology Development Co., Ltd. This equipment uses the method of hot-pressing circle flattening to stamp the magnetic strip onto the deposit book. Our company's passbook production adopts double-copy production. According to our product process, the actual production speed of the equipment is more than 30 double-copy per minute. Our company requires that the hot stamping be smooth and the quality is good.

But the problem is that if the passbook is not pressed smoothly enough to make the passbook a little warped, or if the passbook is prolonged to cause uneven paper, it will cause the passbook to be jammed, the bookboard can not push out the passbook and stop, and the equipment hopper can not put too many passbooks at a time, thus affecting the output.

In addition, the pushboard is driven by a cylinder. In the process of using air, the pressure of the air source produced by the air compressor fluctuates between 0.5 and 0.7 MPa, and the expansion speed of the cylinder changes accordingly. As a result, the release speed of the passbook varies from time to time, and the interval between passbooks varies. If the interval is too small, the two passbooks will overlap, and the operator will have to adjust the interval to a larger one, which will result in a larger interval. An unnecessary waste of magnetic strips.

The main problem of the deposit book magnetic strip stamping machine lies in the deposit book transfer mechanism. From this, the author associates the paper feeding part of the paster, which uses the friction between the belt and the paper jam pressed on it to separate and deliver the paper. This paper delivery method can easily separate and transport a stack of diagonally placed paper jams from the bottom one by one. This paper feeding mechanism has simple structure, fast feeding speed, stable paper interval and adjustable size. It can be put into a stack of cardboard with a height of more than 400 mm at a time, and can be continuously discharged from the top, thus reducing the number of yard paper.

A passbook is usually made up of a face paper, an inner sheet pasted, and several inner core folded in half. The thickness of the passbook is over 0.7mm, which is similar to the thickness of the card.

If we use the paper feeding part of the paster to transfer the passbook separately, will it just solve the problems we encounter?

After putting the passbook to be processed on the paste box machine, the effect is very good, which strengthens the confidence of the author in improving the passbook magnetic strip stamping machine.

The specific improvement process of the deposit book magnetic strip stamping machine is as follows: firstly, all the mechanical and electrical parts of the paper feeding part of the deposit book magnetic strip stamping machine are removed; on the retained hot part, two belt feeding parts are butted and installed; secondly, a 0.38kW frequency conversion motor and a 1:15 worm wheel reducer are used to drive the speed of the belt wheel of the carton steplessly between 0 and 80 rpm.

The specific start-up speed depends on the quality requirements of hot-pressing. Generally, it can be opened to 40-60 duplex copies per minute. The interval between the two books can be adjusted to a very small size, the size of the interval is the same, the paper moving smoothly, greatly improving the production efficiency, reducing the waste of magnetic strips, also does not need the original air compressor, so there is no noise.

Through the improvement of equipment, the operator adjusts the specifications, thickness, speed and hot stamping temperature of the product, so long as he pays attention to adding the passbook in front and the passbook in back. The operation is simple and convenient, the labor intensity is much lower than before, the output is greatly increased, and there are few paper jams or shutdown failures in operation.

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