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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between heat transfer printing machine and hot stamping machine

Date of release:2018-10-26 Author:泰乐机械 Click:

Heat transfer printing machine is also called heat transfer printing. Heat transfer printing is a new printing technology, which has been introduced into China from abroad for only 10 years. Printing method is to print pigments on paper and make transfer printing paper, then transfer color to fabrics by high temperature (heating and pressing on the back of paper). It is generally used for chemical fiber fabrics. Its characteristics are bright color, delicate layers, vivid pattern and strong artistry. Transfer printing process is simple, investment is small, production is flexible, currently popular in the market, heat transfer printing and other types of printing, the price is higher, but there is a certain grade, chemical fiber fabrics need to use heat transfer printing method.

Advantages: simple printing steps, accurate position, natural transition of different colors.

Disadvantages: more colors will change the color, in addition, there will be blue dots, red dots and other issues in the printing process. Compared with traditional screen printing technology, the cost of mass printing is higher.

2. Stamping Machine

Stamping machine is one of the heat transfer printing machines. It can ironing various kinds of stamping on cotton, linen, chemical fibers and other fabrics. It can also carry out screen printing, glue, foaming and other process heat treatment. It is suitable for making cultural shirts, etc. It is economical and practical, with beautiful patterns. It is replacing traditional embroidery and screen printing, but its cost and effect are much lower and better than general embroidery and multi-color screen printing.

There are two kinds of ironing machines related to the garment industry: flat plate ironing machines mainly used for clothing and apparel fabrics, and circular ironing machines for hats. According to the operation power, it can be divided into manual, pneumatic and oil pressure.

There are three main concepts of a hot stamping machine: pressure, temperature and time. Its working mechanism is to heat the transfer paper by heating the heating board, with a certain pressure, specific temperature and time, the transfer paper layer and thermosetting bonded to the substrate or penetrated into the printing material.

The core component of the hot stamping machine is the heating board, so we should pay attention to it when choosing the hot stamping machine. The upper and lower plates should be made of aluminium, and the heating pipes should be cast inside the aluminium plates. If the upper plate is grooved on the aluminium plate and then pasted on it with a heat pipe, it will cause unnecessary energy loss, and will have the shortcomings of slow heating up and large temperature difference when used. If the lower plate is made of iron or other materials, it will be easily deformed and aged if it works under high temperature and pressure for a long time. According to the area of heating plate, there are weight standards for both upper and lower boards. If it is too light and too thin, heating plate will easily deform and affect its use. Generally speaking, the greater the weight, the more reliable the performance. After pressing down the upper plate of the hot stamping machine, it should be absolutely parallel to the lower plate. If the upper and lower boards are occluded tightly, you can put cardboard or other pieces of tough material on the four corners, then press the handle down, and pull the cardboard out after the upper and lower boards occlude and clip, then you can know whether the upper and lower boards are flat or whether the machine is qualified.

Advantages: No plate-making, one printing; image realistic, can be close to the image effect.

Disadvantages: Hard handle; light color has good air permeability, but dark color is not.

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