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Advantages and applications of heat transfer printing

Date of release:2018-10-26 Author:泰乐机械 Click:

First, the advantages of thermal transfer printing

Because there are many labels, it must be able to withstand the test of time, long-term invariance, text must be preserved for a long time, can not fade, can not wear because of contact with solvent, can not change color because of high temperature, etc., so it is necessary to use a special material of printing media and printing materials to ensure these characteristics, the general inkjet printing technology can not achieve. Laser printing can not be achieved, and the effect of needle punching and the original design can not meet the requirements, so the emergence of heat transfer technology.

Thermal transfer technology, simply speaking, is to use special carbon tape, through the working principle of the printing head similar to the fax machine, transfer the carbon powder coating on the carbon tape through heating method to paper or other kinds of materials, because the coating material on the carbon tape can be selected according to need, and produce strong adhesion, plus the choice of printing media, to ensure printing out. The handwriting is unaffected by the outside world. And this heating process, how to heat, can be controlled by the computer. At present, various software specially designed for printing labels have been developed, so it is very convenient for users, especially for the general labels to produce barcode, so the generation of barcode symbols has become a necessary tool for this kind of software.

General printer design, usually for A4 paper size design, some people in order to print labels on such paper, must be specially ordered, very economical, and, for factories, sometimes have to print thousands of sheets in an hour, these existing printers on the market can not be completed, so, design a can. For small paper, printers that can print continuously and quickly emerge as the times require. For the common ARGOX printer on the market, it can print up to 10 meters per minute. If a label is 2 centimeters high, it can print 500 pieces in a minute. The special label printer is not only like this, but also for the needs of factories. It can operate independently with a scanning gun or keyboard. It does not necessarily need a personal computer to operate. Just like the photo printer now, it can read data directly without relying on computers, thus saving the extra investment of factories.

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