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Post-press process expertise: basic knowledge of hot stamping

Date of release:2018-09-21 Author:泰乐机械 Click:

Definition of bronzing

Gold stamping, the scientific name of electrochemical aluminium stamping, with the help of certain pressure and temperature, so that foil or pigment foil stamping on printed or other underpinnings method, known as foil stamping process, commonly known as gold stamping. The term "hot stamping" often refers to the hot stamping of electrolytic aluminium materials.

2. Principle of hot stamping

The essence of hot stamping is transfer printing, which is the process of transferring the pictures on aluminium electrolyte to the prints through the action of heat and pressure.

When the printing plate is heated to a certain degree with the attached electrothermal plate, it is imprinted separately from the electrolytic aluminium film and paper. The effect of temperature and pressure is used to transfer the adhesive layer, metal aluminium layer and color layer attached to the polyester film to the paper.

3. Hot stamping equipment

The machine that can transfer the stamping data of electrochemical aluminium foil to printed matter by hot pressing is called stamping machine.

Types and characteristics of hot stamping machines

According to the method of hot stamping, it can be divided into:

Flattening, its hot stamping method is plane facing plane.

Rotary flattening, its hot stamping method is hot stamping wheelset plane.

The hot stamping method is that the hot stamping roll is opposite to the bearing roll.

(2) According to the degree of automation: manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic.

(3) According to the method of the whole machine, it can be divided into vertical type and horizontal type.

B. Foundation Organization of Stamping Machine

The fuselage frame includes the exterior fuselage, paper feeding table, paper receiving table, etc.

(2) Hot stamping equipment, including electric heating plate, hot stamping plate, embossing plate and bottom plate. The hot plate is fixed on the printing plate platform, and the electric heating plate is equipped with circuitous electric heating wires with power of 600-250OW. The hot stamping plate is a corroded copper or zinc plate, characterized by good heat transfer, non-deformability, pressure resistance and wear resistance. The hot stamping plate is generally an aluminium plate or an iron plate, and the bottom plate is an aluminium plate with thickness of about 7mm, which is used to paste the hot stamping plate.

(3) The conveying equipment of electrolytic aluminium is composed of unwinding roll, feeding roll and auxiliary drum, electrolytic aluminium winding roll and feeding organization. Aluminum electrolyte is mounted on the release reel. After hot stamping, aluminum electrolyte passes between two rollers. The feeding organization consisting of cam, connecting rod, ratchet and pawl moves the intermittent roll of the delivery reel, and the intermittent roll of the delivery roll makes the feeding of aluminum electrolyte move. The feeding interval is set to the length of the hot stamping drawing. The hot stamped aluminium coil is on the coiling roll.

IV. Hot stamping materials

According to the data type, it can be divided into: electrochemical aluminium stamping, color foil stamping, color foil stamping, metal foil stamping and other stamping foil stamping. The key point below is to introduce the hot stamping of electrolytic aluminium material. Electrolytic aluminium foil is a kind of hot stamping material made by vacuum evaporating a layer of metal foil on the film substrate.

The first layer is the basement layer, also known as the bottom layer. It supports other layers. The thickness of the first layer is 12, 16, 18, 20, 25 mu polyester film or polyester.

(2) The second layer is the isolation layer (detachment layer), which facilitates the separation of the base film from the electrochemical aluminum foil during hot stamping.

(3) The third layer is the dyeing layer (maintenance layer): to provide a variety of color effects, together with the maintenance of the aluminum layer.

(4) The fourth layer is aluminized layer: reflecting light, appearing metallic luster, vacuum aluminizing method is selected. The detailed principle is that the film coated with colored material is placed in a vacuum chamber connected with the aluminium plating machine in vacuum. Under a certain vacuum, the aluminium wire is melted and evaporated to the color layer of the film through resistance heating, thus forming an aluminium plating layer.

The fifth layer is the adhesive layer, which adheres the aluminized layer to the paper and other printing materials. The electrochemical aluminium foil is mainly made of gold and silver. It has the characteristics of magnificent beauty, beautiful color, brilliance and convenient use. It is suitable for hot stamping on paper, plastics, leather, coatings, plexiglass, plastics and other materials. It is the most commonly used material in modern hot stamping.

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