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How to Choose a Stamping Machine

Date of release:2018-09-21 Author:泰乐机械 Click:

Hot stamping machine can print various kinds of work pieces, such as plane, arc, round, irregular, concave, convex, etc. The hot stamping patterns are also different, such as hot stamping fonts, patterns, heat transfer patterns, color films, etc. The corresponding production environment varies greatly from company to company, and the production requirements vary greatly from customer workpiece to design. For example, the different requirements of precision, production quantity, operability, technology and so on. This determines that the choice of hot stamping machine is based on different customers and prints, with certain principles and directions, because the ultimate purpose of hot stamping machine selection is to facilitate production and meet the effect of hot stamping.

Tyler Machinery has many types of hot stamping machines, each model is suitable for a different range and style, how can we choose a suitable model for customers? Because there will be many models suitable for the hot stamping of a workpiece when choosing the hot stamping machine, and the best balance point must be found among the final choice of which model to give customers to their production, customer requirements and company interests. Therefore, choosing the appropriate hot stamping machine for customers is the most important first step in selling the hot stamping machine and serving customers.

First, the most important thing in choosing a hot stamping machine is to pay attention to three points:

1. Function and characteristics of hot stamping machine;

2. Characteristic of specific hot stamping machine for printing materials;

3. Specific production requirements of customers;

From a purely technical point of view, the choice of hot stamping machine is bound to be familiar with the technical parameters of each type of hot stamping machine. Referring to the technical parameters mentioned above, the following points should be noted in the relevant matters.

2. Functional characteristics of hot stamping machine are the most important three points in selecting equipment:

1. Adjustment range of press of hot stamping press;

2. The way or principle of application;

3. Scope of application;

3. The specific hot stamping requirements and characteristics of the prints can be judged from the following points:

1. Specific features of hot stamping patterns, such as text size, accuracy, pattern area, pattern layout and drawing

Difficulties of the case, etc.

2. The position of the hot stamping part and the surface characteristics of the workpiece: large, small, arc, circle, local, etc.

Spherical, convex, concave, rough surface, soft and hard, etc.

3. Workpiece positioning: the size of support position, the range of support strength, workpiece positioning, ironing

Overprinting position, etc.

4. Material of workpiece: what material is suitable for what kind of gilding paper, attention should be paid to whether it can be reused and whether it is deformed during hot stamping.

Knowing the above conditions, matters needing attention and difficulties, suitable types of machine, and the prerequisites for choosing a hot stamping machine are basically available. This is the final choice of machine according to the specific requirements of customers.

Fourth, the specific requirements of customers are as follows:

1. Production efficiency or speed of workpiece (total production, daily production, hourly production, etc.)

2. Machine price requirements;

3. Requirements for machines from other aspects (such as service, warranty, delivery time, payment requirement, wide scope of use)

There are different choices for different persons of the same type of stamping material for the chance of stamping. This is because of the differences in knowledge, opinions and experience of each person. As long as the principle of "all based on the actual situation of customers and seeking truth from facts is the basis to achieve the ideal stamping effect" can be adopted, no matter what type of stamping machine is chosen for stamping, the result of selection is the same. Reasonable and correct.

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