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Hot Printing and Stamping Machine Easy to Learn but Difficult to Fine Stamping Technology

Date of release:2018-09-14 Author:泰乐机械 Click:

As one of the important apparatuses for clothing printing, hot stamping machine is an indispensable part of clothing printing industry. It is replacing traditional embroidery and screen printing. Simple operation at the same time, the cost and effect are much lower than and superior to the general embroidery and multi-color screen printing, hot stamping technology is becoming a novice in the clothing printing industry.

By heating the heating board, using certain pressure, specific temperature and time, the transfer paper layers and thermosetting bonded to the substrate or penetrated into the substrate, which is the working principle of the hot stamping machine. According to the shape and function of the ironing board, it can be roughly divided into four types: flat plate machine (mainly used for collecting the size and specifications of clothing and clothing fabrics), cup ironing machine (can ironing cylindrical objects, generally used for cups), cap ironing machine (with arc, generally used for finished caps), hot plate machine (also flat, but can ironing hard surfaces such as porcelain metal).

The contribution of the scalding machine can be seen everywhere.

The printing industry has a wide range of applications. Clothing stamping and metal photographs are used in the stamping machine, knitting T-shirts, jeans, plush, toys, shoes, backpacks, various nylon hats, calendars, hanging axles, suspension bags, medals, gold and silver carvings, magnetic tiles, glass, wood logs and so on. The contribution of the scalding machine is indispensable. By heating the heating board, using certain pressure, specific temperature and time, the transfer paper layers and thermosetting are bonded to the printing materials or penetrated into the printing materials. Various hot-stamping pictures are transferred to cotton, linen, chemical fibers and other fabrics by heat transfer, and the screen printing, mortar, foaming and other process heat treatment can also be carried out. The color labels, portrait photos, landscape patterns can also be baked. On the porcelain and metal plates, it is especially suitable for making medals, Memorial cards, cultural shirts and so on. It is economical and practical, with exquisite patterns. It seems simple to output images on transfer paper and then transfer them to different materials with appropriate temperature and pressure, but it is not! Thermography is easy to learn and difficult to master. It is easy to misunderstand because you don't understand the specific principles. Many hot-stamping shops have a high failure rate and have been unable to find out the reasons. Although the printed defects can be retained for their own use, after years of accumulation, it is possible to open a "T-shirt printing failure exhibition" for a long time.

It's very easy to finish a beautiful partial hot-stamping, but it's time to test the technology very well if the large area is uniform and does not fall off. Transfer interface of hot stamping is very important, that is, the processing technology of hot stamping. The temperature is too low to attach, and too high will make the pattern dizzy or burnt. Some hot stamping shops have bought more than 1,000 yuan of hot stamping machine, which has been printing unevenly or unstable quality. The reason is that the heat transfer heating system is different. Is the temperature uniform? Is stress appropriate? This is all related to the quality of hot stamping. A good hot stamping machine can solve the problem of different pressure and material thickness at one time.

Hot-stamping originated in the United States and has a long history and tradition. It can be divided into foam hot-stamping, offset hot-stamping, penetration hot-stamping, seven-color Pearl hot-stamping, laser hot-stamping, flocking hot-stamping, reflective hot-stamping, honeysuckle hot-stamping and water-based hot-stamping. Because of its simple technology and easy operation, it was first spread in the United States and Western Europe, and it has been gradually hot in China in the past two years. Early hot-stamping was not so much hot-stamping as hot-stamping. It was mainly hot-stamping some popular slogans, characters and so on. Later, it gradually expanded its scope to various vivid patterns.

The warehouse knows the etiquette, the food and clothing are enough to know the honor and disgrace. With the development of economy and the progress of society, people are no longer satisfied with mediocre life, but pay more and more attention to self-expression and personality. At the same time, the development of computer technology and related software, these for the self-ironing industry, is undoubtedly like a tiger, icing on the cake.

Hot-painted clothing has been popular in European and American markets for a long time, and is the main force of popular leisure clothing. Because the hot stamping process is simple, easy to operate, the material needed is economical and economical, and can be widely printed on various kinds of printing materials. Now the use of hot stamping machine is transferred to the fabric, which can be used in industry and for civil use. The hot stamping technology will have a long history.

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