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  • Hot Transfer Printer/Hat Baking Machine/Hat Cushion/Hat Baking Machine/High Pressure Deluxe Hat Hotting Machine
  • Printing machine Yiwu wholesale DIY equipment customized heat transfer machine
  • New seven-in-one multi-functional cup-grinder Dual-station hot transfer cup-grinder Mini horizontal manual cup-printer
  • Thermal Transfer Printer High Temperature Foamed Silica Plate Silica Gel Pad Stamping Machine Specially Used to Make Various Sizes
  • Hot Transfer Machinery Equipment Wholesale High Pressure Baking Hat Machine Accessories Baking Hat Components Conventional Baking Hat Cushion Wholesale
  • Conical Baking Cup Pad-Baking Cup Pad Wholesale Printing Cup Pad Hot Turn Big Conical Baking Cup Pad Baking Cup Machine Accessories 17OZ
  • Thermal Transfer Machine T-shirt Printing Machine Flat Plate Thermal Transfer Stamping Machine Digital Printing Machine 4060 High Pressure Flat Plate Machine


Yiwu Taile Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Taile Machinery Fittings Factory is a multi-functional transfer machine for universal printer, crystal curing instrument, hot transfer consumables for cup curing machine, mug crystal, discolored cup and flower paper cup, coating technology for thermal transfer coating, large-size hot stamping machine pneumatic manual hot stamping machine, multi-functional photo machine for universal printer photo-strip, natural stone plate hot stamping machine, hot transfer paper T-shirt transfer Printing paper, heat transfer ink, crystal shadow-free glue, image crystal business card box medals, printer binding machine apron iron ring and other products professional production and processing of individual operations, the company's headquarters is located in Yiwu, Taile Machinery Parts Factory has a complete and scientific quality management system. 

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  • 烫画机厂家
  • 热转印机厂家


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